Lynbrook Insurance Classic Camper Scheme

Offers unique insurance for Classic Campers 10 years old - or older.

The conditions to qualify are:

  • Must not be used more than 8000 miles in a year.
  • All drivers must be 21 or older and possess a full U.K. driving licence.
  • You must not use the vehicle for business purposes
  • The Camper must be worth at least £1000 and be fitted with a fire extinguisher.

The cover comprises:

  • Comprehensive subject to a standard excess (starting at £50)
  • Agreed value (if garaged)
  • Unlimited windscreen cover (£75 excess)
  • Fitted radios, telephone, audio equipment to £400 (can be extended to £2000).
  • Medical expenses, emergency treatment and personal accident benefits
  • UK and European wide breakdown and recovery

Unique special features

  • Self repair option which includes payment for parts and YOUR OWN labour.
  • Right to retain salvage OR up to £500 towards the costs in finding replacement vehicle.
  • Free 10% value uplift (until next renewal) for winners of National Concours.
  • Fire damage to garage housing the vehicle up to £2500 if not otherwise insured.
  • Refund of unexpired licence following fire or theft if not otherwise recoverable.
  • Free foreign use for overseas car rallies.
  • Dismantled parts and accessories covered in owner’s garage.

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