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Lynbrook Insurance was created in 1972 and became a significant player in the Classic Insurance domain some 20 years later.

This arose because of the genuine interest by the partners at that time with older cars and motorcycles, with ownership of both being key interests. Frustrated by what the insurance market offered then, a radical step was undertaken. Instead of following what most insurance companies wanted – most of whom had no idea what classic, vintage or veteran meant – they devised a product to appeal to enthusiasts. Such people tend to view their cars or motorcycles with frequently a closer involvement in the restoration, upkeep and maintenance of them.

The Lynbrook Insurance products are uniquely structured to address enthusiast’s needs first and foremost – and this has been recognised by an increasing number of discerning customers who receive a superior insurance product at generally much less cost than can be bought elsewhere.

Lynbrook do not spend a lot of money on large adverts which invariably require a subsidy from insurance premiums, just as they do not pay unconnected third parties such as motor clubs whose members find that part of his/her premium goes into the club coffers which benefit every other member.

Look carefully at the insurance detail expressed on each website page that appeals to you, and when ready, please test the quality by making contact with us.

Lynbrook Insurance is licensed to Vantage Insurance Services Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority