Classic Cars

Classic Car Insurance

At Lynbrook “classics” are not just black and white as the make, model, your perception, and how you treat the car – are important to us.

We offer cover if it/they are 15 years or older by the build date (not registration date) but some cars can be considered classic as they leave the factory – think Morgan for instance. Drivers ages to be 25 (ask if younger) to 79 (for new clients only with no expected age limit for existing clients)

Also, if the “car” was in manufacture fifteen or more years ago and the yours is intrinsically the same, but is newer, then we would consider this as “classic”. Think Citroen 2CV, or original Mini, just after production ceased. BOTH were acceptable on the day after.

Insuring several on the same policy invariably results in premium savings, often significantly. So if you have several cars with different renewal dates, we can cater for that – just ask.

Finally, we could consider including a modern car alongside your classic, if that is of interest