Classic Features

We Are A Family owned Classic and Modern Vehicle Insurer

Classics Cars, Motorhomes, Campers, Motorcycles, Scooters (note ** for 2 wheelers)

Should you own a single car, motorcycle or a collection, our cover is extensive and includes –

Standard benefits:
• Comprehensive insurance with accidental damage, fire or theft excess from £50
• Agreed value cover available with no need for a separate valuation.
• Cover abroad for trips up to 90 days
• Laid up cover automatically included when needed with no need to tell us
• Ability to choose your own repairer
• Minimum drivers age of 25 (a younger age, experience dependant, may be considered)
• (** Minimum riders age of 21)
• Maximum age 79 for cars and motorcycles – no limit for existing clients
• Multi vehicles on special terms
• Competitive pricing with Club organised rallies included, with optional mileage limits
• Should your vehicle win a major concours award, the value can be increased by 10% FOC until the next renewal (when the premium will reflect this).
• Mileage limits vary from 1500pa to 8000pa with “cashback” applying if you do not use the higher limit. This is rebated from the next years premium.
• ** Mileage limit 1500 to unlimited

Lynbrook special benefits at no extra cost:
• UK and EU wide Breakdown, Recovery plus Home Start in UK – including Smart M’ways (B)
• Up to £500 of spares/accessories kept in a locked garage or shed at home included (A)
• Self Repair Option meaning that you can deal with the repair yourself if you wish and will be reimbursed the parts costs, sub-contracting costs – PLUS your own labour.
• In the event that your vehicle or motorcycle is written off, if legal you may be permitted to retain the salvage (at cost). Or receive an extra 2% towards out of pocket expenses up to £500, provided your vehicle is on an Agreed Value basis.
• Driving cars (or motorcycles) not belonging to you, provided they are insured at the time by their owner. Your Lynbrook insurance will extend to provide the same cover as applies to your own car or bike

Lynbrook benefits at extra cost:

(A) The £500 limit on spares can be increased on request
Commuting (may be FOC)Extra drivers/riders (may be FOC)
Business use and/or Wedding Hire (**Excludes motorcycles).
Trailers for a motorcycle or dinghy – comprehensive cover for this is available.
Legal Fees – extremely important so only a nominal extra charge will apply.

***Valuations are undertaken FREE subject up to our “automatic limit – but we also offer an outsourced valuation service for higher value cars up to £25000.

(B) Note that some “household named” breakdown providers will NOT attend these. Putting yourself in the hands of the police arranged services is rather costly.