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Classic Motorcycle Insurance

Classic Motorcycles, Scooters and Sidecar Outfits


For garaged bikes 15 years and older – Riders aged from 25 up to 79 (new clients only – no age limit on existing clients)

We offer probably more insurance features and cover than any other company, but do not charge the earth for the privilege. The product has been devised by a practical motorcyclist familiar with all the issues and diversities that exist with our hobby and passion. You will be surprised at some of the things we include and probably discover features you have never come across before, – then appreciate how much they may assist you in the future.

Whilst including all standard features here are some extra reasons to consider Lynbrook –

A registered or unregistered Trials bike? You must insure it unless it never leaves your home.

You are restoring a motorcycle but only have a frame number – we can insure it (few other Companies can)

You think you only want the most basic of covers for the bike as it is in the shed being restored. When you finish the rebuild and need an MOT, or even just to ride it up the road, our policy will provide cover for this too.

You only take your bikes to shows but do not ride them – you need cover in case your bike is damaged but more particularly you require third party cover as even a static bike can fall over and injure a passer by!

Your bike is only worth a nominal amount but is increasing in value as you progress on the rebuild. A quick phone call can increase the cover – and there will be no admin charge like others would apply.

Did you know that Lynbrook can include Breakdown & Recovery as an automatic feature in their motorcycle policies. 

A Self Repair Option is available which means you can repair your bike and be paid the costs of parts and sub-contracting AND your own labour.

N.B. Some of the above comments apply to Modern Bikes too