Questions AND ANSWERs

We Are A Family owned Classic and Modern Vehicle Insurer


1. Why do you think your policies are better than other companies?

We formulated them from the “users” perspective, having genuine practical experiences of the subject matter. In the process, we identified serious shortfalls of cover that could leave clients exposed and sought to address these as additional features – without generally adding anything to the premium cost in doing so.

2. If we make changes mid term or sell our car or motorcycle and no longer require the insurance, do you, like other companies, charge a fee for doing this? Or do you charge fees for anything else?


3. What are the vehicle requirements to qualify for Classic Car Insurance?

For cars, motorhomes, vans, etc it is usually 10 years. However, for certain makes of vehicles we may relax this rule. For example Morgans, certain Jaguar models, and so on. For us it is very much down to the ownership and if the client perceives their vehicle as a “classic” and treats it accordingly, then we probably will accept that. Please realise that we offer a “bespoke” service, something that is uncommon in our market.
We also have a rather unusual and unique definition, which is this. “Should the intended vehicle no longer be in production, but was substantially the same 15 years ago, then cover will be offered” . Two examples of these were the Citroen 2CV and the original shaped Mini, both of which would have qualify for “classic” cover, even on a brand new one at one point.

Concerning Motorcycles, Scooters and Sidecar Combinations, all the above apply except that they must generally not be newer than 15 years.

4. Can you combine modern and classics into a single policy?

YES! This is subject to certain provisos to be discussed with you at the time of quotation request, but could result in a lower overall premium, whilst the “modern” would be provided with some of the added classic policy features at no extra cost.

5. Why do you encourage effecting a Legal Fees extension. and what does it cost?

Whilst the insurance policy covers the repair or replacement cost of the damaged vehicle, it does not cover damage to you! You could be seriously injured, it could be life changing, you could lose your income, even your job – and then your excess needs recovering. The so called “knock for knock” agreement was disbanded years ago, and if you don’t recover your excess from the third party, your No Claims Bonus would be prejudiced. Finally, do not be deluded that you could benefit from a “no win no fee” legal service. Recent legislative changes make them unviable.

It only costs £15 and that is for the policy – so it could cover several vehicles/drivers.

6. Is it really important to take up the “Agreed Value” feature?

YES! This costs you nothing extra – unlike many of our competitors. The procedures could not be more simple, yet you stand to sacrifice certain benefits as well as
potentially failing to recover the true value of your vehicle. To illustrate with a true story. An acquaintance of our Director, who was not a Lynbrook client, sought his advice after his 1952 MG TD had been written off. His Insurer’s engineer stated the car’s value as £18000 and he was about to accept it when the Director asked him if he had arranged cover on an Agreed Value basis, which he had forgotten about. The end result was he received £20000 settlement – and no hassle after he “reminded” his Insurer of this fact.

7. How do you obtain an Agreed Value on a car, motorcycle or scooter?

If just purchased, the receipt will generally do. Otherwise, Lynbrook offer an internal service. It requires photographs (digital are OK) and these to be one of each side of the vehicle, one including the number plate, and at least one of the engine compartment plus two interior. Our service caters for values up to £10000. If the value is greater, then a Club valuation will suffice, with photos, or you can use our Specialist Service which can handle most at a cost of £25. Alternatively we can suggest an external source but that can cost £100’s, so what we offer is clearly a bargain!
For motorcycles and scooters photos are required including one of the number plate and we will grant an Agreed Value figure with these at no charge. E mailed photos are fine.

8. How long does a valuation last for?

Until you decide to alter it or you sell your vehicle. We do not ask for regular (chargeable!) valuations like some other Companies.

9. Can you insure unregistered cars, motorcycles, etc.

YES! We generally can do this upon receipt of the chassis or frame number. If it is intended to register the vehicle the insurance certificate will allow you 30 days to do this. If it is an off road vehicle such as a trials bike or you only take the car/bike to shows on a trailer, then you need third party cover (at least). It is a criminal offence to take any uninsured vehicle across pavements, onto the road, or any place that the public have access to. Few Insurance Companies can handle this – we can!

10. Do you offer Club Members discounts?

Yes – but we are highly selective about which Clubs. We also expect to match or beat competitors quotations (despite generally offering more). Bear in mind that Club promoted schemes have to have a high commission level in order to pay the Club a fee and the member a discount. Think about it….

11. How does the “Self Repair Option Work”

The best answer is to see the actual example – (featuring on this website).