Special services

We Are A Family owned Classic and Modern Vehicle Insurer


Whether you own only one or several Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters – or Moderns, Lynbrook Insurance’s facilities and flexibility means that probably some or all of these vehicles can be grouped together to create a single policy with a single renewal date. Apart from the convenience to you that occurs, it is probable that savings in cost could materialise.

For other specialist vehicles including Kit Cars, Campers, Military Vehicles, Future Classics, AmericanCars and modified vehicles we can offer specialist background and experience to assist with appropriate insurance covers on a bespoke basis.

Having an Agreed Value facility on your classic or historic vehicle insurance is an important feature, particularly as it costs you nothing extra. Yet many clients fail to take the few vital steps required to achieve this. It is so important that Lynbrook offer the service to achieve this without cost, only requiring a few photos (of acceptable quality).

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING AGREED VALUES – Unlike many of our competitors, we do not insist on the laborious processes that some companies insist upon, some of which charging an annual fee – or even extra premium – just to have your two, three or four or more wheeler insured this way. PARTICULARLY, Lynbrook do not require you to go through procedures at any subsequent times to maintain the value. If the value of your vehicle alters, it will be up to you to tell us so we can arrange to follow your instructions.
With higher car valuations, we offer a separate service for clients (only) so ask the “team” the procedures for these. Being a separate service handled by a specialist external department, they charge a nominal £25 per valuation. No visits or inspection are required.

Comprehensive cover on trailers is difficult to obtain, and these can be costly items. Lynbrook can offer existing clients insurance cover up to £10000 value.


Whilst optional it is a valuable extension as should a non fault accident occur, not everything is insured. Do not underestimate the difficulties and costs you will face seeking redress from the Third Party, or their Insurer. The TP Insurer has no contractual obligation to assist you in any way and generally will try and avoid paying you anything – unless forced. Seeking to prove guilt is fraught with difficulties and only by receiving professional help is there a likelihood of you achieving a positive result in your favour. No Win/No Fee is no longer legally viable, so you need to have the cover at the time of the incident.
We speak from experience.
Lynbrook subsidise the cost of this so charge only £15 on top of your motor premium – and that single payment covers any and all vehicle we insure, unlike others who charge per vehicle.